Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Doing A 180

Oh god..today has been a day. As most day this one seemed to start off good. I had canceled practice this morning in order to spend time with my mother, who is leaving tomorrow morning for the Philippines. We really did our best at having a relaxed, chill day in Atlantic City and that is what happened. We had a chill day in AC. My mother, my sister, and I had sushi, layed on the beach for like 5 minutes, walked into the seaweed filled Atlantic Ocean (gross), shopped, and so forth. I even got to go to the Converse Outlet!! finallyy!! I got me a nice, clean pair ;D

So yeah. We had a good day at AC. Our night back in Belleville, on the other hand was something completely different. When the three of us got back to town, we all got pedicures to beautify our les pieds hehe. But. Coming back home was killer. Things started happening al at once and it felt like the world itself was falling apart. My mother was no longer calm, argueing with my brother about her flight tomorrow morning to go to the Philippines. She was being herself again >.> Oh well..people are people.

Meet my sister, Christianne.