Sunday, August 2, 2009

Roar Goes the Dino, and Squish Goes the Clay

I'm really sticking to my old habits: procrastinate until the last minute. Haha..well hopefully I do get better with this and upadate during the day, but right now I'm currently watching a show about parasites and strange deaths and whatnot.. lol. If you hhave watched the last post's link, you would understand my awkward liking for gruesome thing. Now to the point. Tonight's post is a little picture of something I'm working on. I went to michaels today to buy some clay (Crayola Air Dry) to make a T Rex.. Originally I was supposed to simply purchase a toy T.Rex for a friend, but the one i found was abotu 3in. high. Lucky me, I have the friend who wants 6 in. ._. Hell, asI make this now, it will be bigger than that! Clay is such a messy medium and my hands were stone white; they felt like stone anyway..

Now, to continue watching gore stuff. :)