Saturday, August 15, 2009

So I Found My Way To Urban Outfitters

Today turned out to be pretty chill! It was better than I had expected, noting the new discoveries we made tonight and new people we met. Today started off with me and my brother going to Garden State Plaza for the third day in a row and it was just as great! I really want that to become a mall we go to more religiously..I am so tired of Willowbrooke Mall in Wayne lol I know that place like the back of my hand! Its more fun venturing around the hugest mall around and getting lost rather than knowing where you are all the time. ..Its actually also more fun going with friends..I should do that more often also >.> So I found my way to the Urban Outfitters store and decided this is where I would buy my gift for Angela's party tonight. I absolutely love that store; not for the clothes, but for all the miscellanious items they sell! You've got books about sex positions and old school childrens books like Where the Wild Things Are sitting right next to fisheye cameras and gigantic DJ headphones ranging from $40-120$ ! I really want to get one of those cameras! But I believe one of the most interesting items there was the Hamburger Telephone remeniscent of Juno! haha and right beside it was a French Fries telephone, too! That was the best. I ended up getting her a Muffy [or is it Duffy?] figure which is a blank figure you can draw on and stuff and put stickers on and dress it up and just go all out creative on it. To be honest, I would have liked to get it for myself as well as this one book where each page gives random, crazy directions to do and by the last page, the whole book is destroyed! As I know myself, I want everything :P I have to contain myself and my wallet.

I played a true Filipino and arrived at Angela's party 40 minutes past 6PM , when the party had meant to start. At first everyone was just sitting in the backyard chilling out and it was a little quiet but after the food was ready and blessed, things started livening up. After getting devoured my many moquitos, Ana and many of us decided to go inside and chill around in the living room and whatnot. Two of the other guests had brought in a guitar and were playing in the kitchen, while me and Ana were on the Mac [I want one!] Ana asked to go on because she wanted to look someone up on Youtube. She searched Napon Pintong and declared that one of the guys in the kitchen resembled him. We eventually found out, thanks to Resyl, that it was him and a friend, Noel! We were excited at this point. We went through introductions and ended up sitting in the kitchen as we got a little mini-show. They played through song requests, freestyles, and old school music and it was all great! I must admit they are very talented!! :)

He played some of my favorite songs : Nice and Slow and You Remind Me by Usher :)