Friday, August 21, 2009

TGIF, Right?

That day was a 9-5PM practice same as the day before. It was still hellish, just not as bad. JT had come once again, after lunch to help out with our oh-so-faulty guard. We stood in a block on the blacktop parking lot of School #7 getting ready to do some basics. The few trees that stood above our area only covered the front line and more space to the right of us. This is why I like being a veteran :) As a 3rd year, I stand in the front as a reference point for new girls to follow for timing. With that, I get the limited amount of shade! Itwas great. I do feel bad for them, but I've already had a share of sun in my eyes and burning on my back. It sounds harsh, yes, but they really need to pull it together and learn what real work ethic is. Whining is not an option and asking questions is obselete.

So, what figured to be some peggy-spins and drop-spins turned out to be more than 400 of them. Just a tip for life: Do it right the first time and so we don't have to worry about doing it again. The clouds seemed nicely placed in the sky: dark and shady. After suffering so many reps with Shannoin at JT was on his phone, we ended up going inside to excape the heat and watch som '05 Drum Corps. He had marched Cadets then, pointing out his flaws and memories of the show from Finals. I don't know, but I like him and all, but I just didn''t end the week with a good vibe from him. Whatever. It was his last day anyway. On the way coming inside, my voice cracked and it surprised me. I wasn't planning to get sick on a Summer day; nor did I think it would ever happen.

Then, the rain came. Apparently a "deadly storm" was on its way and the entire band came back inside as it began to pour. Lucky me left my purse and drill binder on the field for sectionals because I had assumed we were coming back. wamp. Meeting back with the band I found that myu purse was safe, but my binder was still out there. Every page is in a page protector specifically if I ever left it out in bad weather. That purpose failed. No one picked it up, but apparently everything else was achieved. Later after practiceended early, as the rain was settling down, I went back to the field and retrieved my soaked drill book. I worked so hard on it, too!!