Thursday, August 20, 2009

9-5 Freak My Life

From what I remember..this day was god awfully long. The previous days of band camp, we've been having only 9AM-3PM practice and then 6PM-8PM practice later that night. In general, the hours all added up the same, but the 3 hours break inbetween made all the difference! It's such a pain in the but to stand on that dreaded, hot field right after lunch from around 1PM-5PM doing drill over and over again! As simple of a task it is, things just get to you when you're standing in the heat for so long. You start to notice the small things in life; like the guy with only one arm and a prosthetic leg who parks his car out in front to go for a little walk; like the same damned trucks that always pass by around the same time; like the motorcyclists who look silly in their hard shell helmets. The best part of all is praying for wind and rain to come. Shade is another great factor. Everyones eyes wander to the sky to look for any overpassing huge clouds, hoping for an answer to their whining.

This photo is from the second to last day of school when I skipped to hang out with Raymond, Abby, and Julie at the park :)

Also, none of our instuctors like to come and teach any more.. so from what I remember, that whole week PJ's friend came to help teach basics with us. As cool as he was, I didn't like the fact that he made us do so many reps and hold at certain counts that were a pain in the ass. Oh, he also made us do 20 pushups. Hard, right? No? I should probably mention that all 16 of us had to do them together. Out of my own physical ability, I can do 20 pushups. But to make me wait for everyone else who is struggling and having to do it all over because we cant get through 5 together was hell.