Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day Of The Longest Stretch

So that Monday was a good one. For some reason, I always get excited on the first day of band camp. I mean really, who isn't? I woke up that morning feeling ready for some hardcore work. I had my water jug ready full with ice cold water, sunblock ready to be applied, money for lunch, and soffee shorts and tank tops ready to be sweat in! (yeah that last one was kind of gross) It kind of felt like the first day of school, but better. When I woke up, I also felt sore in the legs. Thanks to the day before at Mt. Creek and all the walking!

As nice as I felt when I woke up, that feeling didn't last very long. At about 8:40 AM, I was ready to leave, so I woke up my brother. Actually, I've been trying to wake him up since about 8:30 AM. I had everything ready by the stairs, so I was just waiting for my brother. By the time he woke up for real, I thought, "Alright let's leave..any later and I might be late." My brother started looking for his car keys and we started realizing he couldn't find them. Now for a little side note: To know me, you would know that I tend to panic sometimes on last minute things. It was about 8:45AM and I was tearing our living room apart. It didn't help that our house was a mess to begin with since there were no parents in state to clean up. Papers were going every where, bags were being thrown around, and pillows and blankets were on the floor. That scene looked exactly as I will describe: me throwing everything around and looking under the couch and whatnot panicking like theres no tomorrow. I thguht to my self "how the hell am I gonna be late on the FIRST day!" I wasn't up for running laps on day 1. Then, there's my brother still half asleep, walking around, chill, just looking for his keys. I think that moment got my blood pressure off the charts! (I also had to pick up Regina for practice as well. so, that didn't help either.)

My brother then decides to call my sister asking if she took them. She replies stating that my brother had left them in the door the night before, so she took them out and placed them at the bottom of the steps. At this point I'm thinkinging, "grrrreeeatttt....CAN WE LEAVE NOW?!" I really am such a spaz. It's nothing to be proud about and my procrastination..

So we are finally on our way and I text Shannon that we would be a little late right after picking up Regina. I get the reply:

Shannon 8:52 AM

Oh its okay we're not doing anything yet

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I stopped to think. It was the first day of Band Camp. We have a Breakfast on the first day, every year. I just panicked for no good reason. I'm such a failure. yeah go ahead and laugh at me right now. -waits-

So we get there and have a nice, subtle breakfast of bagels, eggs, munchkins, snacks, and drinks in the auditorium. Excitement is shared between rookies and veterans as we eat away. When everyone finished, we made a circle on the stage and sat down to introduce each and every person, new and old. It was kind of nice to know that this year we couldn't even fit every one in the circle! This year our size has moved from about 45 member knocked up to about 70! After that, we went onto the field and did stretching and all that warm up jazz and started drill and basics. By the end of that day I was worn out, anxious to jump in the shower, and sleep; only to do the same thing the next day.

Call be a band nerd. I don't care :) It makes me happy.