Thursday, August 27, 2009

And Now For The Finale!

That Thursday was a nice day! Band Picnic!! The first thing we did that day was take pictures. I guess it didn't matter if you were late or not, but a good feeling came back when I put that ugly blue uniform on. Maybe it was the oder of never being washed or the scent of memories at football games, cheering at the top of my lungs. My jazz shoes still had dirt from the last muddy, rainy football game we cheered for- gross. Standing outside in the front with the photographer seemed like forever trying to figure out how everyone should stand. The double in size didn't help, as it only made it harder to get everyone in the shot. We had about two extra rows to fit the entire guard. Group 3, baby.

After pictures the rest of the band went outside to practice for a few ours. I would have joined them, but Stephanie, Jaelynn, Rachel, and I had to stay inside to make copies of superlatives and fill them out. It took about half an hour, but hey I won't lie: it was kind of nice to stay in for a little bit longer. Then we went out to practice for the rest of the day. At lunch, we gave out superlatives, which needed a lot of yelling to pass them out. It was hilarious when Mike and Tiana got "Most Likely To Be A Couple" He began to chace her to the back of the auditorium and harrass her. It was great.

Afterwards, everyone left and I went to Ana's house to chill with her until 4:30. I love chilling at her house. Whether we are dying hair, watching Degrassi, or nonetheless sleeping, I still manage to enjoy it there. Maybe this is why I hate being home.

We returned to the hs by 4:30, meeting at the big field to practice a few more times. Parents began to show up and we performed our show. I fail to feel nervous anymore; I already knew it would be bad, but that's how it always is. Performing has become second nature to me; I just wish the rookie girls would catch up to be the same. We brought in the stuff inside and to my surprise, a good friend of mine had broke down. My eyes froze, and I wasn't sure what to do. I thought to myself, "Isn't this supposed to be a good night? Why are there tears already? The night hasn't even begun." I sat outside with my friend for comfort and help. Honestly, I suck at situations like that. I tend to freeze up and not know what to do. But as a friend, I do what I can to keep you together. Things gathered up and we went back inside.

The picnic that night was so fun! People were getting clothespinned all night, and chatting stayed strong. We all laughed around and jokes were going everywhere. The food was good and with that- my two weeks of healthy eating kind of ended. I filled my stomach with toron, cookies, pasta, and many more goods. :)