Sunday, August 30, 2009

Peace Be With You - Amen

Hrm.. Sunday. I actually went to church t0day!! I hadn't gone for two weeks prior to that. Last week, I was too busy dying at my fathers company picnic, and the week before that I kind of just skipped out to go to Mt. Creek. hehe..

I really thought we were all going that morning. I was wrong. Apparently my parents got into a stupid argument whether or not my mom took a shower or not. It was like the biggest misunderstanding in the world, but whatever. My parents argue once in a while, but it usually settles down after a while. That morning only my sister and I attended church. As I sit there in the pew, I never really pay attention to the service. All I can ever really think about is new sabre work we learned. I go over it again and again, making sure I get it right. But what can I say? Catholic masses aren't the most exciting..