Monday, August 24, 2009

Rookies Love Basics, Don't They?

Welcome to the first day of week 2 of Band Camp! -cheers- So it was a Monday, and I was still iffy with breathing. I was kind of worried that morning because as I got ready to go downstairs short breaths started to attack. As I had previously read online, I took the time to take as deep breaths as I could through my nose and slowly blow out through my mouth - like a trumpet. Great, I was a trumpeteer. I might as well go join the section. So we picked up Regina and Jon and got to the high school. I almost thought we were going to be late because of the BMW that was driving in front of us. I can't put it together how someone owns a nice car and decides to drive as slow as a senior citizen. Strangely, the BMW pulled up to the hs as well and guess who pops out? The one and only Mike Laboy. Haha..we came out of the car and thanked him for going 5 mph and stopping in the middle of the street at a stop sign. So we got inside and I told Shannon about the weekend and I had no guarantees for today.

Today's practice was a lucky one. The guard stayed in sectionals about the whole time just outside of the highschool. The band stayed inside for full ensemble while we did basics for the longest while. I counted as loud as my lungs allowed me to, until gasping for air started. Our rookies need the help of some kind of miracle. The guard earned themself a lap for not listening to directions and just failing. I asked Shannon if I could not run it, for obvious reasons. Later, the rookies pulled another one. They couldn't hold one damned count at a good angle, so we stayed there for EVER. Thanks rookies. You have a long way to go.

Oh, so I definitely forgot to put the second half of that day! After 6-8PM practice, I went with Shannon, Fabi, Jae, Momma 2, and Kevin to AC Moore. We were to buy blank yellow t-shirts and fabric paint for the Band Picnic. Its a bit of a band camp tradition where each section has matching shorts and t-shirts. It was a little crazy counting about 20 shirts to purchase and making sure we had the right sizes. We also stopped by the ACME store to get some chips and soda for tomorrow's guard pool party :)