Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We're So Glad You're Home, Momma :D

This Wednesday was greatt! Guard didn't do anything. It was the second to last day of practice, and we all knew that the last day on Thursday didn't count at all. I didn't even get to practice on time that day.

Forcefully awoken, my brother, my sister, and I left around 5:30 to retrieve my mother. Her flight was arriving that morning at JFK Airport all the way in New York from her two week stay in the Philippines. She had gone because her father had passed. Therefore it is only right to find your way back home to pay your greatest respects. Anyways, I wasn't all up for the early wake up call. I was completely glad my mom was back home, but come on- that early?! I slept in the far back seat of our Gray Toyota Sienna, stretched out as comfortably as it allowed me. The stop at a Dunkin Donuts in Newark didn't help either. As soon as I got my regular medium coffee, I put it down for it was far too hot to even drink. Caffeine couldn't save me now. [But hey, I needed the rest for practice]

So finally we arrived at the airport, after paying wallet devouring tolls, and began looking for our mom. We ended up at a quiet terminal A and stopped by a Starbucks because my sister wanted some soup. I had cont\acted my mom and it was clarified that we were in the wrong baggage clain and arrival area. She was at Terminal C, baggage claim D-1. We were far from that. Unfortunately, we had to go all the way out and around back to the parking lot to drive up to where we had to be. Down the elevator for the third time, we finally found our way to the right place and sporrted our mother in a small crowd. We shared loving hugs and kisses, got her luggage and left. Those baggage carts are tricky! My sister didn't realize that one had to push down or lift up on the handle bar in order to let the wheels roll.

As we crossed the little street my mother passed by a woman with grayish white hair and glasses and waved goodbye. She pointed to us and said we were her children. [The lady looked like she was a Lenscrafter ad with her clean look and glasses.] Thats the only way I can describe her! My mother apparently sat with her during the flight and they talked and whatnot. Its always fun to make friends during transportation, I guess. The ride back home was better, as I could actually remain awake and watch my sister pay the $11.00 toll just to get across the Verrazano Bridge. Crazy, right?!

I had texted Shannon to warn her that I wasn't going to make it on time. I also texted Regina, becaus eI would be able to pick her up. It was kind of awkward because as we drove down a local street I saw her walking with Jonathan to catch the bus. The only thing I could do was wave..

I got dressed and hopped in the car with my brother and sister. We dropped off my sister to work and then I to the high school for practice. I found out Shannon was not at practice that day because her apartment building burned in a late fire the previous night. I felt bad, because just a day before she was bleeding from the forehead from a sabre accident! She came back later that day to join practice. The guard spent the rest of the day inside as we learned sabre work and the flagline practiced dancing. Also, we did uniform sizing and pants fitting because we all knew that Thursday was band pictures! Only one day to go!