Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Captain? I Am & Swimming? I'm Up For It

Today felt like our first legitimate practice. I haven't done anything lately, so I found myself breathing heavily and a little out of shape. A new girl came today, and teaching her with the other four of us went the closest it could be to "smoothly". I feel like I'm adapting more into this role as captain because giving commands or leading flag basics doesn't make me too nervous anymore. It still does, but at a much more comfortable level. Although I miss a few people who are gone and a new girl quit today, I'm still moving forward. In my role, I aspire to be the best leader I can be and give these girls the greatest experiences as a guard member. I want them to feel what I've felt in my years experiences. Sure, there are times when I hate it, but I know without it, I'm slightly lost. The new girl has a boyfriend in the band and I wished for myself, "Dang I wish my boyprend was here, too!"

Later, after practice, I thought he wasn't coming by. While I was in the chorus room, I turned around and there he was standing in the middle room! Anything else on my mind such as guard, practices, or friends completely left my conscience. My mind dropped into a state where my one and only goal was to get over there and hug him so tightly. It was the same feeling as from last night and I loved it. We ended up going swimming at Deejay's house with Ana and Emily which was fun, to say the least. I like this idea of hanging out altogether. I mean, based on my views of today, it worked out. Maybe this is possible. Photo is of a flag design we might need, considering how our instructor had to quit. We're on our own.