Friday, July 2, 2010

Fireworks And Cookies Made From Butter Melted

Today/tonight was much more fun than expected. Ideally, I went over to Kim's casa this afternoon after not being able to chill for so long. I gave her my belated gift from the beginning of June, which she already had. I had a little feeling that she may have gotten it already, but she never told me! It actually wasn't all that bad though. The one I got her was a slightly different style and was a Medium instead of a Small, but it fit well nonetheless. We made cookies with this chocolate chip mix that I brought over and even added extra white chocolate chips! Yum! Those came out super-good. I still have some left over in my bag :) Then, we sat outside on her porch and had a bowl of ice cream with a cookie - SUPER yum! :D I tried Peach ice cream for the first time and it was really good! Later, her mama took us to B&N [ah, the place I would love to work] and we spent a while there looking through novels, magazines, and astrology books! We later walked to Target to pick up a few things. Her mom came around to pick us up and we were back at her house. Not too long after we left again for the Brookdale Park fireworks, which had already started according to what we were hearing outside. We got dropped off in a craze of traffic and walked the rest of the way to the park. BOY was that park was crowded! As the fireworks exploded in the sky, every flash of light allowed us to see the thousands of heads on the field staring up. We sat in the grass for the rest of the duration and hey, the show wasn't too bad. Afterwards, Kim didn't want to go home or anything yet, so we ended up walking far to meet up with Nicole and Lugo. Walking around in the dark, we found our way to Devin's house. I for one, had no idea where we were as many time as I guessed, but they did. We all walked to a McDonald's which was flooded with people they didn't like. I saw a few familiar faces like Adriane and well.. thats it. :D Considering the amount of unliked people, we walked back to Nicole's house where we made nachos! :) Me and Kim got picked up around 11:30PM. I was a little nervous the whole night because I wasn't home at the usual time, but I only had one ride - Kim. I'm pretty proud of how I helf myself together tonight. I kept myself talking and it really wasn't awkward at all even though I hung out with these people once or never before. Photo is of us at Target. I really liked that fedora :)