Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Believing That Gut Feeling Again

I'm not sure how much truth is in the feelings I felt today, and I'm a little embarrassed to post it. I would like to believe that we are finally happy. I know that a streak of three days of nothing but happiness, can't exactly prove me right, but I couldn't help but indulge in our happiness.

This morning went pretty well, as far as rehearsal goes. We started learning work, which meant we are starting to turn the notch up for the rookies. Even with that, everyone was learning work at a decent pace, especially for the first day. I'm pretty confident with where we are right now. We only have 2 new girls. Jaelynn came by with Erik to visit, and it was really nice seeing her in that environment again.. I wish things weren't the way they were, but I can only do so much and keep moving. I just might try again, but I don't want to ride up her butt about rejoining. So maybe just once more. After rehearsal, I hit up the lover because I have been dying to see him. Apparently, the maid was still home and finding reasons to stay longer. While waiting, I made my way to 7-11 where I bought myself a slurpee and two taquitos. Finally, when I was able to go over his hosue when the coast was clear, I have him one taquito and most of the slurpee. [it started to melt!] Minus a scare in the form of a knocking at the door WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE FRANCIS, everything in this day had my mind and heart in the state on being content. Three days of this and I don't know whether or not to believe my gut feeling. Photo is of another flag design I tried to make for our guard this morning. It's crap, I know.