Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Biffle Is Home And I PWND

Of course, there is this wild excitement in the fact that a best friend of mine is back in town. There are people in my life, in my heart, who will always hold a superior importance. Unfortunately, they are not always physically around. I am so grateful for the people who keep my heart and mind together and still are around, but it was like laying a bluer hue on my skies when I finally saw Jon for the first time today while we sought for each other on the phone. We were lost on streets not too far away from each other and he was mistaking another for me with a "Is that you in red?!" When I finally saw him at the corner, he came running and my arms were outstretched, begging for a tight, reuniting hug. I couldn't comprehend in my mind, that this guy was really here. We took our walk around and caught up on life - even though we've been talking the whole time online. We took pictures and sat on the turf , chilling out. Then we walked what seemed like miles in the heat. We tried to walk to Chan's house, but she wasn't home. Then, we went to Walgreens. We walked around more, only to find ourselves back at Walgreens. My new sandals from last night were too tight and I was beginning to blister as my feet are now. So, we bought $2.99 flip flops! Gah, what a relief to my feet! Later, we made our way to Kendrick's for the BBQ. At first, based on what I was told about it, I thought there would be drinking and whatnot. I already had my mind mentally set on how I would handle that situation. As it turns out, I spend the afternoon with some great people, some new and some old. My awkwardness wasn't too bad because frankly, Jon was there, too. He and I were both kind of new to hanging out with everyone, so even if I did feel awkward, there was still him I could talk to. The night went to well, socially and in general. At one point in the afternoon, I played COD for the first time in my life. AND I PWND. Haha just kidding. I felt so proud of myself for killing Byron and Chris a few times. I wanted to tell Jacob about my accomplishments so bad at the time. At another we didn't know what to do, so we walked together towards Nutley to just watch the fireworks. We ended up seeing various displays in the sky around us at the same time. In the Burger King parking lot, we stood to watch the rest of the NHS show. When we walked back, time was trailing around to the point where we had to leave soon. Basically everyone else was sleeping over, but I knew well enough that I couldn't. Plus, I was more concerned on getting home and talking to a certain someone. He definitely wasn't up to par based on the texts we shared. Well, here I am home. But overall, today was amazing. Photos are of Danny and Byron's gel'd up heads! Also, a fireworks pic from my phone. Happy 4th of July, everyone!