Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Burnt Thumb With A Side Of Alotta Bit Of Lovin'

I've currently just put in the last batch of Nestle Toll House Cookies in the oven. I've been making cookies since around 9:30PM for the lover. I made them straight from scratch, and even burned myself along the way. Gah, that hurt so much..

This morning was pretty damned eventful. When it comes to making decisions, my mind doesn't like choosing rationality over desire. This morning I took up the slightest opportunity to see him. He was going to walk to the music store on Washington Ave. and I wanted to come along. I knew that it was going to rain today. I was just putting my best bets on it not raining until the early afternoon. I biked my way to his house and my sister's boyfriend, Phil, passed by. He greeted me and warned me of the down pour on its way. I told him I was aware, but at the same time I really wasn't.

So I reached the parking lot behind the Chiropractor's Office where I usually wait for him. I called him and while it rang, the tiny drizzle quickly progressed into something more - something greater. He answered and gave me the bad, but not completely uncalled for, news. He told me that if it started raining soon, he wouldn't be able to leave. The tears that attempted to form were useless because I should have known better. It was my fault for following my desire to see this guy and not think about getting caught in the rain. Sometimes this impulsiveness works out for me; sometimes it doesn't.

I had no other option but to head home before it got worse. Biking home was going to be a bitch so I remembered how Phil passed by. I called him up and asked for a ride home. I left the bike at his house and was driven back. I couldn't even stand the rain in my face on the bike to his house not too far away, so I couldn't imagine the journey home via bike.

Nothing else really happened today, other than Jon's flight getting delayed to Monday again. Woop! Photo is of the mass I made of myself baking tonight!