Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We Saved a Bird Today & I Helped the Rookies

There is something I've always disliked about doing this 365 Project: the nights where you are just plain tired and already in bed and the thought hits you "I still need to post!". A wide range of curses mosh in your head because there is no other choice other than to get up and write it because you need to keep up. But then again, this is why I decided to do this. I put myself to this challenge and of course, I'm not gonna love it all the time. I can't help but feel proud at how dedicated I've been to this.

Today was once again, HOT. This Wednesday was supposed to be ours. Your brother was supposed to go to 6 Flags with the maid and the house would be ours. Unfortunately, he didn't go because it was too hot. I left the house early anyways. You couldn't go out, so I just stayed at the high school where they were having a morning practice for the band. When I found my way there, I saw them on the field so I just chilled out there for a while. I also eventually went inside to chill in the nice, air-conditioned surroundings. When the band had sectionals, I hopped from section to section meeting rookies and even helping out with music. I felt comfortable. Part of me prefers these simple practices that are relaxed and sometimes makes me wonder why I didn't just march flute. Then again, I know where my passions are and where my perfectionist qualities come into character - guard. Even with rehearsal tonight, I can't help but think that maybe I wasn't meant to exactly be a captain. I like perfecting myself solely because I find it easier. I feel bad when I try to help someone and they have to deal with my chaotic mind. I don't say it to sound self-righteous. I'm just more of the introvert who is better at working on their self. But my own characteristics are not going to get the best of me and prevent me from being who I want to be. As wrong as it sounds, I want to be someone else. I can grow tired of being the shy introvert. I want to be a leader. At HOBY, they told us hey, even if your not a leader, pretend to be one. Pretend to be strong, organized, and set. That's what a leader does, anyway. So, for the greatest sake of this guard, I am going to pretend to be a great captain and do the best that I can. If I pretend enough, I will be.

Today I also got to "have our day". It may not have been what we wanted: a whole house to us, but it was anything. and I was willing to settle for "anything" just to be with you. I stayed for a while - I even got to watch you play Drake's Fortune. It was best that I didn't play because even you said that the part you were at was nerve-racking. Unfortunately, those nervous feelings and paranoia of getting caught at your house enveloped me and I could not help but leave early/on time to get out of there. As it turns out, she didn't come home for another hour! Just my luck -__-' Photos are of Roland ringing me and my Medium Graham Central Station and of my visit this morning.