Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Heck?! It Was 100+ Degrees Outside?!

Well hey, today was good. I'm extremely anxious to spend tomorrow with you and I couldn't help myself today. I had to see you, so I woke up extra early to bike with you. It's more or less an opportunity to just be with you. We chilled at the HS track for a bit and then rode to 7-11 to keep up some kind of hydration and food supply. I had a blanket with me for a picnic we were supposed to have at the Park with Jon and Ana later, but we also used it in the morning for our own little picnic. Goodness. The sun was beating down on us like no tomorrow! We settled down under a tree, but the sun found it's ways to us; we laid in this dry heat for a good while. Compared to the last time we laid there, today was so much better. We actually made very good conversation and I wasn't fading off into thought. I am so proud of today with you. We conversed so well and enjoyed it all.

Later, I brought you along to Ana's house. That was definitely a positive step in bringing two sides of my life together. We just chilled in the living room and watched MTV's Disaster Date and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. We all talked and laughed here and there. I was happy. He stayed until Jon and Karen came over, so he was able to meet him, actually! :) Unfortunately, he had to leave after that because his mama. So, Karen, Jon, Ana, Emily, and I migrated down to the basement to have our little "picnic". Yeah, it was way to hot to even think about going outside! With blankets laid out, we chilled out and watched Aladdin. That movie was so cute! :3 Gah, I would hate to think back on the fact that I ate my life away throughout the whole movie. I haven't had much today except half a sub from 7-11 from earlier, but the fact that I just binged made me feel bad. When I had to leave early around 7PM, I didn't even bother eating anything else. It's definitely not healthy, but oh well. Photo is of us at the park, just as he honestly requested. Mann, my hair was a hott mess! We played the Penis Game at the park :)