Thursday, July 8, 2010

First/Last Hang Out For Sarah Aristizabal

I can honestly saw that I enjoyed today a lot more than I would have expected to. As the title for this post claims, we hung out one last time before Sarah's move to Florida. Technically, this was a first time for me, not including her birthday party three years ago. Well let's see where the day started off. I know that the first and only thing I could remember from the morning was waking up feeling grimy and sticky. Ugh, this heat is crazy. Too tired to shower last night, I was just going to shower in the morning. Bad choice. Even though I promised my mom that I would clean before I left, I woke up too late for that. I took my shower, got ready, and waited for the right time to leave. I went to the station with Jon and Khate and we took the train to Jersey City. Meeting up at Babo, we found Sarah and the rest of the group. I was uneasy at first with who was here because I never hung out with any of them other than Jeremy. As it turns out, that didn't matter too much today because I just went with the flow of everything and got along with everyone - without my typical awkwardness. At Babo, Jon, Khate, and I got some yummy bubble tea and food. At first, we sat separately from the rest of the group, but they eventually migrated to our table so that was good. We later left to walk around the waterfront. We played ninja various times and at random places. After a while, we finally decided to head over to NYC where we could play it in the center of Times Square - yeah, that never happened. Once we got off at 33rd St., we walked through K-Town! There were some interesting shops and had we not big in one big group I would've definitely gone in many of them! The first place we hit was the NYC Public Library. Random, but Jon had a random urge to go so we went. The place was really amazing, almost like something out of a Harry Potter movie. Jon, Khate, and I then split from the group to go into H&M while they went to Bryant Park. Seeing that I was short on money, I didn't buy anything. We found them back at the park where we also found this amazing guy who danced with a hula hoop! I never knew how creative one could get with that plastic ring, but goodness! He answered my curiosities! He danced with it like a guard member, letting it rolling down to his legs and back all the way up over his head and even doing it at his shoulders with his head town, tossing it - just so insane! Oh! There was also this huge public yoga class going on there. That was cool! It was literally 200 people with a cleared aisle in the middle where the instructors spoke and have directions. I played the Penis game with Joe while walking around - that was crazy!

We went back to Hoboken for dinner. It was my first time going there and there were so many bars! We even stood on the sidewalk while a woman in a limo, clearly drunk and celebrating maybe a Bachelorette Party, shook a blow-up doll out the windows of the car. There we were - party central. Khate was starving and I, too, could have used some food. For some reason, the walk down the street to the pizza place we were looking for seemed like miles. We passed by so many stores and restaurants I definitely want to visit! Finally we found the pizza joint, known as Benny's Restaurant Pizza. They are home to the largest slices of pizza, which take up 2 plates!! That shet was INSANE!! It was good though :) Nothing special, but just good. Good to have food in my stomach. This was where the night was coming to an end, and probably was the funnest part of the night. We laughed so hard trying to cut the damned pizza. It was hard to eat it - Joe and Khate rolled it up like a burrito and his looked like a huge blunt! Stomachs satisfied, we walked back to the station.

The walk back didn't seem as bad and was with-out a doubt, hilarious! I held on to Jon the entire time and pretended to be his drunk buddy! It felt necessary because that's basically how everyone else was in Hobokem. So every time we passed a restaurant, I became the tipsy, uncoordinated one night stand for Jon! It was great! At the Subway entrance, we parted ways with Sarah and Mike, who were getting picked up. The rest of us were headed to the subway. The ride back on the Exchange train hands down was the craziest part of the night. We found ourselves an empty cart, away from the groups of drunks, and partied out! We specifically got a cart with the poles in the middle, and Joe and Chris had a Stripper Dance Battle. Joe was naturally funny doing what he did best. Chris was a huge surprise, jumping onto the pole and doing crazy shit! everything a stripped can do and more! He even held on with both hands and carried his body up where his feet could touch the ceiling! I joke around, knowing I was in capable of doing ANY of that, jumped onto the pole, held on tight, and slid down. So sexy, right?! What I did do that was outside of my natural fears was hang upside down on the horizontal poles!! It was scary on a moving train, but I did it!

Unfortunately, when we switched over to another train, there were too many people present. Instead, we were squeezed on the corner and Jon leaned ALL of his weight against me! For the entire time! Even on the light rail he did so! Ahaha, today wasn't my typical type of fun, but I still enjoyed it, nonetheless.My old self would have weighed out options and decided not to go. Who I am in life is now taking initiative and so far, in every aspect of my life - it is working for the better. Photos are from this crazy day: a ukelele kit, this AMAZING K-bookstore, a wall of nice shoes at this one store [Jon bought a pair], me with a plsuh at the Sanrio store, the massive pizza slice, Joe's blunt, and the pizza joint.