Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Still Waiting To Shit Bricks

The only significant thing I can recall from today is..well baking tonighAdd Videot. I made a whole other batch of Tollhouse cookies for the family, considering the past ones were all for the lover. Ah, no I remember. This morning I woke up, begging to close my eyes again. Last night, I followed a random urge to cut my hair. I wanted all the layers I had before so I grabbed the scissors. This morning, I didn't move once I gained conscience. For a second I almost believed it was all a dream, but I then pulled at my hair to find its length not so lengthy at all. My layers are uneven; hopefully I can have Ireesh fix them for me. I've had them pinned back for the rest of the day, playing the new 360 and whatnot. I haven't done much today; everyone has gone out to see Inception.. I need to see it! Photo is one of two sketches I did earlier of costume ideas for this year. Oh, dilemmas.