Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Only For A Minute

The best part of my day happened about an hour ago - and it was only a minute. Last night I asked my brother around 1AM if he could drive me to Jacob's place to drop off the 10 or 11 dozen cookies, packaged in a Quaker Oats Variety Pack box, that I made just for him along with the music note bracelet I made. He said no. I tried to make deals with him and bribe him, but it was still a no. He said he would do it tonight. I asked earlier tonight and he said no, so I tried to ask my sister, bribing her as well. No's all across the board, I couldn't do anything about it. Then, my brother says, "Hey Tep, I'll take you to see Jacob if you come with me to Blockbuster." The only distinct thought that ran through my head was "OH-MUH-GAAAAAAAAAAAD. OH-MUH-GAAD!" I was unbelievable happy in that moment and every moment until I got home. Anyways, we drove over there in the midst of the night after finding out that Blockbuster now closes at 11PM and it was already midnight. On quiet Union Ave., I got out of the car and waited at the bottom of the steps, one house down, out of view, box and bracelet in hand. I haw him walking down the step and I began to feel a tingle in my face. Uh, yeah. It's kind of like butterflies in your stomach, but on your face. Don't judge me -_-' I began move frantically in place, as if I were standing on a pile of hot rocks, barefoot. As dark as it was, and as unclear he was to me, I knew well enough this is the person I've missed for 5 whole day. So quickly that I couldn't even pull out a smile first nor say a word, I hugged him tightly. I was so happy and complete, in that moment. We tried to part ways once with a "Goodbye" and "I love you", but I hesitated twice to do so and came back for kisses and hugs. Ah, this is where the significance in my day lays. I

I tried to go out earlier, to Deejay's but the parents said no, and considering how much they've been letting me out lately, I dealt with it. If I don't argue back, they'll keep letting me out :D I ended up cleaning the kitchen a bit and I even got a compliment when Papa came home. Go team. Photo is one of Papa and I which I sent to Jacob as proof I was sitting next to him!