Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Works Of Turtles And God-Awful Pains

Today was a bit painful. Physically, of course. I woke up this morning only to turn over and ball up in pain. Cramps. I feel like they are the most subtle thing that hurts like a mother. Cramps don't exactly feel like someone beating at your stomach, but it's that clenching pain beneath the skin that you don't know how to fend off. For a good while, I tried to contain it. I'm not too bad at holding in pain. This pain was unbearable. I finally mustered up some kind of weakness to take an Advil. Eh, effects weren't going to happen fast enough so I laid back down. My morning continued this way for quite a while. Around noon, Jae came by to drop off her turtle. She's going down to FL for a while and I'll be looking after.. Slopoi? Yeah, I think that's his name. After she came by, I tried to eat something, but even after a bowl of cereal, I found nothing more relieving than to just lay down. My mother came in and I told her what was wrong and so she came back in with an ice pack. I placed it just below my bellybutton and for some reason, it worked. I was texting him at the time, btu I was finally able to fall asleep. The pain was bearable now! Ah, the relief was amazing. I fell asleep twice and it felt so good. Periods suck. Period. -humorous drum hit- Photo is of the turtle. lol I was looking up stuff you can feed turtles. We tried strawberries but he didn't like it. He enjoyed banana though!