Friday, July 9, 2010

"Almost Dying" All Day At Mt. Creek

Though the title of this may sound questionable, it was all in good fun. That day started off early, as we had to pick up Jon at like 7:30AM for our leave at 10PM. We chilled at my house for a little bit and he got to meet my mom and Lola. My ma asked him a bunch of questions, considering that she was friends with his ma in college. Anyways, as the time came we left to take the light-rail to Rutgers Campus where we would meet up with the others. It was my sister's two friends, her, Jon, and I. We finally were on our way to Mt. Creek when we drove into some nice, difficult rain. even though the forecast predicted 30% rain at the park, we decided to continue driving. As it turns out, we drove out of the rain, too. From then on, everything was sunny, warm, and blue skies. It took us a while to get to the park because we were unsure of our directions. For the two times we stopped to ask for help, we were on the right way the entire time. There wasn't much talking today other than all of Jon and my ranting and laughing. My sister 's friends were quiet - I felt bad.Ah, sweet! We were finally here. The heat outside was bearable to the point where it was still nice. Jokingly, I can say that I almost died all day. The first ride we went on was High Anxiety and I was on the side of the tube that could not see where we were going! On the cliff jump and cliff slide, my butt hit the water first and left me in pain! On Congo Rapids, Jon and I got a little too adventurous and out of hand! We started crashing into each other and we bumped heads. After that, our screams weren't happy ones any more, but fears for faux death. I went down the steepest body slide there - I couldn't help but hold my breath going down! Worst of all, I was basically drowning in the wave pool, twice. I still have the taste of chlorine in my mouth, yuck. In the midst of almost drowning and having near death experiences, I really had a great day. We even got a free flat bread sandwich during lunch! The guy..I think his name was Brian, but he threw in a second one anyways for me and Jon. WOOT! Ah, I also got some Dip n' Dots before we left! My tan lines are finally fixed! :D Darker, but fixed. Photo is of Jon and the sign. haha