Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fail To Say Goodbye

The initial plans for today didn't go according to plan. [But the never do, right?] Considering the fact that Jon leaves today, Ana and I wanted to hang out with him one last time. His flight was at 5PM leaving Belleville at 4PM, so we wanted to have a little get together for lunch around 1PM. The idea was to meet at Ana's and have a little "pizza picnic". Weather denied that from happening. I decided to still chill with Ana today, and it was good. We kind of had our "Going Away Party" for Jon without him. We ordered pizza and played Xbox. Ohh - how I want that one bad! It was a very chill day and I enjoyed it. Honestly, at times I did feel like I wasn't as exciting as others who come over, but I hope she enjoys my company as much as I do hers. I REAALLY want an Xbox 360.

This morning was good, too. He came over, even though he was tired and I'm so grateful for that. The first thing I did was thank him. We made chocolate chip pancakes which were amazing and I finished making batches of cookies. It started raining and even with that, we biked to the other side of Belleville. We ARE troopers :) I love you so much, for every sacrifice you do for me. Photo is of awesome band-aids I teased Jacob about. He hates Dora :)