Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alternating Week For The Loner & The Socialist

Well, this sucks. It's currently, 5:37AM into Saturday and I have been up all night. On Thursday night I tried to pull an all-nighter with Jacob, but grew tired around 4AM. We should have given it a day's notice. Hrmm..I'm getting confused with time references now. YESTERDAY, nothing really happened. I've been very lazy this past week, realizing that I phases in and out of being the loner and the socialist. The majority of this week has been portrayed by the loner. Last week was the other. Today I took any opportunity to go out, so I went with my sister and her boyfriend to the DMV. She had to renew her license and I was so fascinated and excited to get my own permit soon. Then, we went to the mall, here I bought a few items and got my hair trimmed. On the way home we went to Sonic and AC Moore. I've spent this whole night working on Ana's piano bracelet [the first of a long list of requests] and chatting with a few friends. It was really an interesting night. A drunk Seamus IMed me on Facebook Chat, asking for dirty pics and other nonsense. It was so hilarious in the dead of the night around 4AM. Photo is of mama sleeping while I straightened her hair. -_-'