Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finished Crepe Batter And Crappy Saleman At Macy's

I haven't done much today, but Jaelynn's turtle does supply for some interesting entertainment. Every now and then, I'd pass by to play with it, feed it, or just take it out for fun. I filled up the tub and even put him in there while I changed its water. Later, around 1PM [not too long after I woke up, that is] I came along for the ride to drop off my sister to work. Being in the car with my parents this morning was actually really nice. For some reason, driving around on a Saturday morning has a mood to it where everything is okay. We all made jokes and laughed here and there along the way. I really wanted to stop by Applegate Farm to visit Roland, but my parents didn't do it. -_-' Second attempt failed. Tonight, I went to the mall which in all made me happy. I got the hoodie from GAP I've wanted for quite a while for an amazing sale price and a pair of nice sandals. Ugh, I didn't find my nice pair without going through the struggle and irritation first. At Macy's, the douche that "assisted" me told me to sit down while he got my sandals. Yeah, he forgot about me. It made me really mad by the time I confronted him because I even gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited it out a few more minutes. Even if I liked the sandals, I wasn't going to buy here. Not after that. The size was too big, so I walked out leaving the box on the chair, unreturned. Whatever. I got what I want. lol. Well, that didn't sound bitchy at all, did it? Photo is of her turtle trying to get into a small place. "It's too big, it's too wide, it won't fiiit" haha.