Saturday, February 27, 2010


So I basically spent my Saturday with just my parents. It's not something I have come to argue. Because in fact, it is something I am so used to. This morning I woke up and immediately got ready. While I was still sleeping, I subconsciously heard my papa tell me to get up because we are going to the mall, costco, and wherever. I was like a robot when I got up. I ended up being the first one ready to go, hah. It was a good day with just them. As much as we argue on a daily basis, I still find enjoyable days with them. I saw something amazing between them right before we got to the mall. They got into this arguement about how my father's co-workers shouldve couldve done this and that. My mom is the kind of person who will stand her ground to the end on what she says. My father tried to say that his men just make mistakes so it was nothing. Still, she argues how much at fault they were. They argued and argued all the way to the parking lot.. I thought our "good day" was officially over. Then, it went silent. I assumed they weren't going to talk for the rest of the day. My pa throws in a corny joke about the way my ma talks sometimes. They were laughing. I was shocked at first, but was soon amazed by the unconditional love. One stupid arguement won't even ruin their day. I want that very much. Photo's of the big jug of wine Papa bought at Costco.