Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Everyday, Actually

I can easily use the phrase "Of all days" , but I technically mean every day. Of all days, I wish I could've been with you today. Affection came a little late today, about 15 minutes before I had to run practice. Part of me just wanted to be like "Fack this, let's get out of here!" I didn't want to stray away from your tight grip, but I had to run today's practice with Jaelynn. I ended it early because it's just too pointless to stay until 5:30PM, not really doing anything. Only a few girls were there. I don't know..I just keep thinking back on today and keep wishing I had spent it with you..if it doesn't snow tomorrow, I'm praying I get the chance to do so. Photo's of Rey being a bum :)