Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So..It's Almost 4AM.

The nervousness in today kind of felt like when we first started going out. I was a nice feeling of nostalgia. Anyways, I pretty damned tired @_@ This is the first all-nighter I've pulled in a while and I'm really glad I got that iced coffee tonight! I'm glad the person who made it failed and put tooo much sugar because It's keeping me up right now. I wouldn't want to stay up so late by my own free will, at least not this week. There's too much stress involved that I would want all the Zzz's I can catch. I had to stay up to make the mix for the Talent Show Act we're doing. I'm all of a sudden in a dance crew since last Thursday, and the show is ON FRIDAY. We are still choreographing and everything, but my biggest hopes tell me that we'll turn out okay. I hope!! Photo is of a drawing I did in my study. :P