Monday, May 24, 2010

I Can Do This I Can Do This

Dang! 300th post! I'm seriously getting there! Anyways, onto today. It was good. Nothing is better than starting the week with basically a half-day, considering the delayed-opening for testing. The days tends to go a lot better like this. After today, I can finally breathe a little better. Colorguard auditions were today. I won't say I bust my ass trying to put my piece together, because I really didn't. I was the only one trying out for Captain, but it is still good to give off a nice first impression. All went well for the most part. I got my taste of the summer heat and sweat. I spent my time with you wisely and didn't complain when it was over. I'll take what I can get because everything is much easier without complaining. I'm learning. I say that I can breathe a little better only because it is one less weight off my chest. There is so much more left at the end of the year, so I just hope to get through it all. Photo is of funky hair. lol