Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jersey Gardens Has My Love

Today seemed like I wouldn't be able to get through it at first, but the afternoon lead to better. Some how I got through the school day with absolutely no one around. The majority of everyone was either at home because of projects or at the Bronx Zoo. Finally, when the end of the day came around, I got dropped off to his house to spend a mere 45 minutes with him. It was better than nothing, considering that I haven't seen him all day! By 4PM I was in the ca r with Alo, Joriz, and Roland on the way to the mall to get the guys their prom necessities. We ended up splitting up and I shopped around with Joriz. Even though I didn't buy much, there was so much I wanted! I was living off of $40 so I was trying not to buy a lot. I freaking love Jersey Gardens. The prices are gorgeous! :D I ended up only buying a locket necklace and earrings but that's okay because they were cheap! It was definitely a nice experience being at the mall with new friends, bonding better. Upon leaving, Joriz got mad at Alo because he wasn't picking up his phone and she was going to be late for work. We pulled another Mission Impossible that ended up not so possible. We got her to work about 20 minutes late, but she wasn't in trouble. She was still mad and Alo was emotionally depressed (lol) so he, Roland, and I went to Smashburger for dinner. That was definitely fun. For some reason I really get along with guys. In that case, I'm not afraid to be a little guyish or to any degree girly with them. It's really chill. With certain girls, you get a weird look if your out of element or too guyish. I really want Nike SBs! GAH. Photo is of Alo driving to Smashburger.