Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dilated And Out Of Focus

Sooo.. I finally went to the eye doctor today! I went with my Ma to Claara Maass for a 10:30AM appointment and there was a point where I almost didn't go through with it. Apparently the were some difficulties of what insurances the center "worked with", but we got it settles some how. Gah, not only have I been feeling dyslexic, but today I felt blind, too! "Hi, I'm Stefanellie Saavedra and I am a blind dyslexic :D" Yeah, that doesn't sound too great. A really awkward part about the exam was have the old creepy doctor right up against my face wearing a headpiece with a bright light and a magnifier. He kept breathing out in the way that I didn't want to inhale; I didn't want to take in his air. *shivers* OH. So, I was given some dilating eye drops during the exam and they didn't go into effect until right before I left. I was warned that my vision would get a little blurry and I would be a little sensitive to light. Right before we left, I had to copy down a phone number onto a form. When I tried to read the card I was reading the number off, it got so blurry! Pulling it far from my face, it got clearer. Then, when we left, I walked outside and the sky alone was too bright, I couldn't even keep my eyes open - so I squinted. Either way, I still thought it was hilarious to have those kind of drops. I laughed every now and then and looked into my phone as a mirror to check out that huge black circle surrounded by so little of a brown ring. Photo is of my father chillin' out on the floor watching TV. LOL. I don't even know.

And I guess why not my dilated eyes :D (Well, one of them at least)