Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You Are Mine And That Is All that Matters

Being too open in a relationship can bite you in the butt. There's a point where you're telling too much of everything or I don't say anything. Unfortunately, all I have been doing is complaining on and on about jealousy and little problems here and there. Today you guys had practice for Battle of the Classes, and I just drifted around with other people. I started learning choreo for another group for the Talent show, so who knows, maybe I will do it. It is hard to keep composure with the feelings I tend to feel. You told me that I'm letting these emotions take over and ruin our relationship. The idea is yes, I do get jealous, but no, I don't think you'll cheat on me. It's set in the back of my mind that you won't, but there was this one thing next to jealousy that stood alongside it. I saw you happy in a conversation with her and it made me feel like I couldn't accomplish that with you. I have brought all of our arguments to life basically and caused much stress for you and I. The whole time, I started ranting to Rey, Greg, and Kim just because I needed to let it out. Finally, your practice was over, and I came over. Composure, composure, composure. I lost it as I stood there with my forehead against yours. We got some kind of privacy in the chorus room, with the occasional KENNETH passing by, haha. I know I keep trying and failing, but that doesn't mean I will stop trying. Eventually feelings were better in a sense, being able to talk about it, and overtime was ours. It was already past 5PM and you probably should have been home, but I kept you for about another hour. Though you got yelled at when you got home, I don't regret it. <3 You gave me a wedgie D: Photo is of me working on Chemistry outlines tonight.