Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 Dozen Cookies Ready To Be Served

Words can't express how happy I was to have a day without rain..just kidding, I was just simply happy. Last night, I baked about 5 dozen cookies for the love and he actually got to come over for a little bit to have some. I was a little irritated in the morning when it came to waiting another hour for him to leave because frankly, I just wanted to be be with him as soon as my eyes cracked open. Later, we rode back to his place, where we parted ways for the rest of the week. He leaves for Virginia Beach tomorrow and the thought of him not being around makes me not want to wake up or do anything tomorrow or the next day. But life goes on right? Upon leaving, he gave me the Munny he bought for me, something I've always wanted, wrapped so creatively in an Urban Outfitters bag. It made me love the gift even more. I gently untaped it to get to the gift, preserving the unique wrapping. It inspires me to make a bag out of it :D Photo is of the cheap, crappy, $5 speakers I painted over tonight. My artistic abilities sparked again.