Saturday, January 23, 2010

With Clenched Fists, I Leaned

Too many people have gotten hurt today. Today was a fun day.. I woke up at 12 and got ready for Audrey's ice skating birthday party. I was 30 minutes late; I am such a fail. Hey, but given the results, I never fell! I almmost fell twice and the second time was kinda bad. Jeff fell down and his legs kicked up. Lucky me was standing next to him, spinning in a circle, kind of on the verge of falling. The blade ended up hitting the palm of my right hand. It wasn't too bad, but there's a slit on my palm...and those blades can't POSSIBLY be sanitary! A couple people fell and Ana stuck to the rail. Haha..I tried to help but it just wasn't working. Afterwards, we split up into two groups, two cars to get back to Aud's house for food. While waiting for our ride, Sean, Roland, Abby, Ana, and myelf played around in the playground. Roland literally dropped his pocket on the swings. He tried to jump off, his jacket got caught and he fell flat on his tailbone haha..His entire pocket ripped off, and I have to sew it back on. Gah.. I tried to clim between two trees and that was the biggest failure. I got up the trees a few steps and I couldn't hold very well so I decided to jump off. When I jumped off, I looked for a clearing to land on. Yeahh..I missed it. I rolled on my ankle and I lost my breath. I tried to keep composure and leaned against the tree with cleanched fists. Gah it still hurts. Back at Aud's, I gorged on food and failed at Brawl. We watched Jennifer's Body. (pronounced Yenn-eee-furr's Bah-dee) Photo's of the peeps sitting on the bench, waiting.