Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Almost Seeing

Today..worked out well. There was no initial plan, but I kept to what I've promised to do. This first step has been a step forward, thank god. Though I wished to have visited my sickly love, that did not go accordingly. The mother stayed home. In turn, I decided to take Ana back up on her offer to chill after school today. As promised, I would not drop one for the other. I continued to text my love, yet managed to have a fun day with people I haven't hung out with in a while. Jaelynn, Ana, and I went to Dunkin' after school where we became quite acquianted with the cashier there. haha More or less, just Jae. He kept looking over by accident and smiling hahaha she was so freaked out! Then we headed to Ana's house where we sat in the basement and watched Michelle Phan videos and such much fun! Around 6, we had to leave. Jae got dropped off and we headed to the movies and met up with Karen. We watched The Lovely Bones amongst a sea of obnoxious, immature, tweens. After the movie, we hit B&N where we journeyed through the Bargained Price section. We had so much fun with the Zodiac Sign book deciding whether or not the descriptions of who we supposedly are and our appearance were accurate. I really enjoyed today. Despite any situation, I will always have him in my heart and mind. Ana, if you come across this, I just want you to know that that fact doesn't alter any aspects of when we hang out. I am being fair to both sides. Choosing one over the other is not acceptable. I'm almost seeing a balance forming. Photo's of a poor clearance doll :( lol