Friday, January 29, 2010

Regardless Of Time And Difficulty

One of the greatest feelings in life is resolution. It is the light at the end of that dark tunnel that many have referred to as their own personal "hell". Sometimes there are situations when you feel like it's all over. But once you go through hell and are in the light looking back, you can finally take a sigh of relief. The thing about resolution is that it is very spontaneous. It can happen immediately. It can happen within a couple of hours, or for the unfortunate- a day or more. That's what happened today. The situation went wrong yesterday and I didn't pick at it. I really wanted to though. We didn't text since we parted ways yesterday and it killed me for the rest of the day, into today. This resolution didn't come somewhat until period 10 lunch. Every period before that, we walked the halls and you wouldn't even look at me, you wouldn't talk. I asked what's wrong and you say you're fine. My disbelief was strong. At lunch, I confronted you and we talked. I was glad that you finally opened up about it because essentially, that means we could find a hopeful solution. I think just knowing lifts a great weight off my shoulders. After school, we left as soon as possible. I feel that we were finally alone, we could take a breather and sort this out. I feel like the moment I really got to kiss you, we had already taken three steps forward. From then on, resolution finally came around. I finally got to look into those eyes and confess how much I love you. Regardless of time and difficulty, resolution is gorgeous. Spur of the moment, I sketched this piece.