Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tagging With Someone New

It was a dumb move for my to go to bed last night at 2AM. This morning I stayed in bed right up until 8:47AM. Then, I got up and actually got ready for Tag Day at 9AM. If it's something that I don't have to be exactly on time for, then I'm going to take my sweet time getting ready :) As it turns out, my partner Shakeera didn't come by til a half hour later. This was my first time tagging with someone other than the usual little group of mine, and it actually wasn't bad. It was fun tagging with Shakeera, but it was so cold and windy! Where you stand around with a container in your hand just asking for money, time goes by at the slowest rate possible. For some reason, putting a smile on and acting cute gets you more donations :D Hmm, it must be the attraction to pedophiles. Other than tagging, I came home with the urge to go to the mall unfulfilled. My family is very low on money, so I guess it's understandable. I ended up experimenting with the new UO catalog I got the otherday. I started working on a piece strictly using colored pencils- no pencil at all. I think it's decent. I kind of messed up the eyes, but I still have to finish up tomorrow. Gotta get those beautiful flowers in! Photo is of just that.